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Climate change and the environment

GIZ supports its partners in identifying the causes of environmental and climate risks. It helps modernise policy, advises on regional cooperation, and develops strategies to embed environmental protection and climate action in other policy fields.

My friend, the tree
How livestock ranchers in Colombia are protecting the rain forest and improving their incomes at the same time.
A paradise for renewables
Chile is powering ahead with transforming its energy system. The country has become a model for its neighbours.
Protecting an underwater jewel
Already seriously affected by climate change, Fiji is now taking measures to save the Great Sea Reef.
A bright future for renewables
"We need strong, predictable, smart policies around the world", writes Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA.
When paradise drowns
For the residents of one village in Fiji, climate change turns their lifes upside down.
Training for the energy transition
Morocco aims to increase the share of renewable energy. A new institute is providing the training fpr experts.
Bright future for India
Green energy that pays for itself: how solar energy is helping power the Delhi Metro and a cricket stadium in Bangalore.
“Unprecedented Support”
Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework on Climate Change, about the Climate Agreement.
A rising star
Renewable energy is currently experiencing a major boom. However, a series of challenges stills stands in the way of a global energy transition.
Tree sap brings prosperity
The state and local population are co-managers of a conservation area in the Peruvian Amazon.
Ten entrepreneurs, plenty of ideas
At a boot camp in Berlin, German and Indian start-up entrepreneurs learn from each other.
Electricity from the pig farm
Renewable energy, particularly hydropower, plays a major role in Central America. Now, biogas plants are also generating clean energy.