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Climate change and the environment

GIZ supports its partners in identifying the causes of environmental and climate risks. It helps modernise policy, advises on regional cooperation, and develops strategies to embed environmental protection and climate action in other policy fields.

Tree sap brings prosperity
The state and local population are co-managers of a conservation area in the Peruvian Amazon.
Ten entrepreneurs, plenty of ideas
At a boot camp in Berlin, German and Indian start-up entrepreneurs learn from each other.
Electricity from the pig farm
Renewable energy, particularly hydropower, plays a major role in Central America. Now, biogas plants are also generating clean energy.
Greening Cairo’s rooftops
Vegetable growing on tower blocks: just one example of how residents are improving their living conditions.
Protecting the coastal forest
Climate change poses a threat to Costa Rica. The country has an ambitious plan to confront the changes.
Precious water, new opportunities
Syrian refugees in Jordan are learning to be plumbers. The training is also helping the country to solve its water problem.
The forest is returning
GIZ is helping coastal inhabitants in Viet Nam to arm themselves against increasingly extreme weather.
Saving electricity, boosting profits
Replacing old refrigerators helps entrepreneurs and enables Mexico to achieve its climate targets.
Fighting fire with fire
The world’s most species-rich savannah in Brasil is under threat. An innovative project seeks to change this.
Time for change
How the international community reacts to climate change
‘We’re talking millions’
International lawyer Walter Kälin on climate-induced displacement