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Economic development and employment

We deliver advice on economic policy issues and, with our partners, find solutions to develop the private sector and boost employment. We create local, pro-poor financial systems to give everyone the opportunity to share the benefits of economic development and economic growth.

Überblick über Lüderitz

All eyes on Lüderitz

Green hydrogen is set to bring prosperity to Namibia and propel the world towards a climate-neutral economy. We travel to the country’s south-west, where plans are under way for one of the world’s largest hydrogen plants.
5 Mitarbeiterinnen auf einer Plantage aus der Vogelperspektive Soren Pessoa

Beyond the coffee bushes

A novel approach to protecting the climate and the environment in Costa Rica – join us on a finca that produces more than just climate-friendly coffee.
Man hält zwei Platinen in der Hand

Taking recycling to another level

Sustainable recycling in Lagos: a pilot project in Nigeria is protecting e-waste workers and supporting the African recycling industry.
Elektroschrott wird sortiert

‘Recycling is also a question of social justice’

The Institute for Applied Ecology in Freiburg has been supporting a project on e-waste. Expert Andreas Manhart talks to Katrin Gänsler about insights, financing and responsibility.
Martin Hansen

‘An amazing change’

Indonesia is one of the most stable countries in Asia. GIZ Country Director Martin Hansen explains the reasons for this stability and why the company continues to operate there.
Ein Mann arbeitet mit einem Winkelschleifer

Fire and water

Water management in one of the world’s driest countries has many facets. Ammar Ali Zaid from Jordan works until the sparks fly to prevent precious water from seeping into the desert ground.
Illustration of Dr Dessima Williams

‘Sustainability is a lesson of our history’

Grenada is promoting sustainable tourism, in line with SDG 12. Hotel owner and diplomat Dessima Williams explains what this involves.
Inoka Nilmini Wanasinghe

‘Our objective: sustainable trading partnerships’

Three questions for agricultural expert Inoka Nilmini Wanasinghe from the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB)
province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the north of Pakistan

Building a sense of community

Pakistani households have been living next to Afghan refugee families in the north of Pakistan for decades, without either side mixing with the other. By providing safe spaces to meet, for women in particular, GIZ is bringing both sets of neighbours together.
Angkor Wat

Saving Angkor’s temples

The awe-inspiring Angkor’s World Heritage Site is famous the world over, but the task of preserving the legacy of the Khmer culture is every bit as overwhelming as the temple complex itself. Germany is supporting Cambodia.
A breath of fresh air for green jobs
The Egyptian German Technical Academy shows how good training and quality education go hand in hand with responsibility for our planet.

Dreams, facts and technology

Digitalisation is an important driver of development, but only if everyone benefits from it equally. akzente has gathered interesting facts and figures to show how much needs to be done to bridge the digital divide.