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Strengthening democracy and promoting human rights are central objectives of Germany’s development policy. GIZ helps its partners to establish democratic systems and network all civil society actors. Together we find solutions to political, economic and societal challenges.

Interamerikanischer Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte

A driving force behind ‘green’ case law

We visit the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Institute in San José, where human rights, nature and the environment are viewed in a new light.
Martin Hansen

‘An amazing change’

Indonesia is one of the most stable countries in Asia. GIZ Country Director Martin Hansen explains the reasons for this stability and why the company continues to operate there.
Omar Alkadamani

Learning progress

Omar Alkadamani fled to Germany from Syria as a child. He knows exactly how important the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 ‘Quality education’ is – for him personally and for every country that strives for a better future.
Housing for refugees

‘A historical chance to build a powerful region’

Lviv, revisited: In 2020, akzente spoke with its mayor Andriy Sadovyj for the first time. Since the Russian invasion, his world is a different one.
Aida Al Khattab

Revisiting strong women in Jordan

Five years ago, akzente interviewed women elected to Jordan’s regional councils. Now we’re back in Jordan to visit them again.
AU Fellowship

African perspectives

Information is a powerful tool in democratic opinion forming. The African Union Media Fellowship enhances the capacity of African journalists to tell stories for and about their continent.
Fair, smart and current

Fair, smart and current

All over the world, women face disadvantages. Feminist development policy aims to address the causes of this inequality.
‘We’re ready to go as soon as we can work again.’
An interview with GIZ Country Director in Ethiopia Peter Palesch on working under difficult circumstances.
Keeping the dialogue going
akzente accompanied Peter Palesch, the experienced GIZ country director in Ethiopia, for one day.
GIZ in transition
GIZ has undergone massive changes and evolved beyond recognition since the merger of GTZ, InWEnt and DED in 2011. It has grown in size and become more diverse.
‘I want to live my life without fear’
Activist Passy Mubalama campaigns in eastern Congo against extremism and violence and for women’s rights – with the support of the iDove network.
One team, more clout
Born out of the coronavirus crisis, the Team Europe concept now serves as a blueprint for EU-wide development cooperation.