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From education for sustainable development to the climate crisis, and feminist development policy to conflict transformation: akzente addresses the many facets of international cooperation. National and international experts share their views and new perspectives.

Jörg Linke Ittermann

‘A big step forward’

Jörg Linke, Head of GIZ’s Competence Centre for Climate Change, explains in an interview with akzente why the outcome of COP28 in Dubai was better than expected.
Boubaker Siala

‘Our solar transporter will create new jobs’

Three questions for Boubaker Siala, founder and Managing Director of Bako Motors, Tunisia’s first manufacturer of solar vehicles
Andrea Nahles Sonja Och

‘It is essential that migration is fair!’

Interview with Andrea Nahles, Chair of the Executive Board of the German Federal Employment Agency, on skilled migration and the benefits it can have on all sides.
Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor Poisot

‘Keeping future generations in mind’

An interview with Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor Poisot, Vice President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights – on climate change, human rights, nature and a common understanding across continents.
Susan Chomba private

‘We have it in our hands’

Susan Chomba is the Director of Vital Landscapes at the World Resources Institute. In this interview she explains why she is reticent about attending COP28 and why we should all keep hope alive.
Andreas Villar GIZ

‘Nature conservation and environmental protection are taken seriously here’

Costa Rica is Germany’s ally on climate issues. Ahead of the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference, we talk to Andreas Villar, coordinator of the GIZ Climate and Biodiversity Cluster in Costa Rica.
Frauen mit Kanistern

‘Working hand in hand’

Somaliland in the Horn of Africa is a very fragile area. Project Manager Carola von Morstein explains why an integrated approach is the only way to tackle the challenges here.
Martin Hansen

‘An amazing change’

Indonesia is one of the most stable countries in Asia. GIZ Country Director Martin Hansen explains the reasons for this stability and why the company continues to operate there.
‘The high seas are essential for human survival’

‘The high seas are essential for human survival’

Marine conservation: Gunnar Finke and Jan Kleine Büning explain the new UN High Seas Treaty and its relevance for GIZ’s work.
Doreen Bogdan-Martin

‘One thing is for sure: the risks of inaction far outweigh the human, economic and social costs’

An interview with the ITU-Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin on talent and how digital technologies can help to get back on track towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel

‘We need a global re-affirmation of commitment to the SDGs’

An interview with Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Chair of the GIZ Management Board, on the mid-term review of the 2030 Agenda.
Guillermo Pereira

‘For us, waste is valuable’

Three questions for Costa Rican Guillermo Pereira, founder and managing director of Fortech