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From education for sustainable development to the climate crisis, and feminist development policy to conflict transformation: akzente addresses the many facets of international cooperation. National and international experts share their views and new perspectives.

Housing for refugees

‘A historical chance to build a powerful region’

Lviv, revisited: In 2020, akzente spoke with its mayor Andriy Sadovyj for the first time. Since the Russian invasion, his world is a different one.
Zwei Teilnehmer eines SEEG Einsatzes in Ghana, bereiten Proben zur Sequenzierung von SAR-CoV-2 vor

‘We’re paving the way for long-term change’

Norman Nausch is head of the German Epidemic Preparedness Team (SEEG). He talked to us about the team’s current priorities and how they contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
David Miliband in conversation with Congolese wom © Olivia Acland/IRC

‘Internally displaced people are less visible but also in need’

David Miliband talks about humanitarian hotspots, the global refugee situation and why internally displaced people tend to be overlooked.
Inoka Nilmini Wanasinghe

‘Our objective: sustainable trading partnerships’

Three questions for agricultural expert Inoka Nilmini Wanasinghe from the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB)
María Fernanda Ávila

‘If I start a business, it must support women’

Three questions for entrepreneur María Fernanda Ávila about her company and her motivation to do something to counter violence against women in Ecuador
Renata Giannini

‘Promoting gender rights across continents’

The German Federal Foreign Office has introduced a new feminist foreign policy. Renata Giannini from the Unidas Women’s Network explains how it could influence German-Latin American relations.
Dr. Danny Mvula Muanga Badila

‘Infected inmates suffer twofold’

Three questions for the Congolese doctor Danny Badila about the situation of prisoners living with tuberculosis
James Macbeth Forbes

‘For girls and women, not against men’

James Macbeth Forbes, GIZ Country Director in Uganda, explains why feminist development policy is important for everyone.
Sanitation for Million

‘Safe menstrual hygiene is linked to educational opportunities’

Cleophas Mugenyi and Angella Nansubuga from Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports talk about hygiene education, stigmas and the role played by the Sanitation for Millions programme.
COP 15

‘The UN Biodiversity Conference was unexpectedly a great success’

The international community adopted the new Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). Silke Spohn explains its strengths and weaknesses, and what it means for GIZ.
‘The nation as a whole will need support’

‘The nation as a whole will need support’

Valentyna Mazhbits works at the Berlin Charité for the Solomiya Hospital Partnership project to support psychiatric hospitals in Ukraine.

‘I hope for clear, strong targets’

In an interview with akzente, GIZ Managing Director Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven speaks about the importance of biodiversity and the global conference on the subject in Montreal.