Nachhaltige Infrastruktur

Sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable energy is needed for development, along with access to water and sanitation. These must be reliably available where they are needed – in homes, in agriculture, in manufacturing, and in the services sector. Sustainable mobility and an efficient transport system are the backbone of modern economies.

Zwei Frauen stehen an einer Tiefkühltrauhe, eine hält einen Milchbehälter in der Hand Huda Hassan

The wonder of refrigeration

The amazing story of a successful dairywoman, helpful cooling and an enthusiastic community. Out and about in the Somaliland region.
Überblick über Lüderitz

All eyes on Lüderitz

Green hydrogen is set to bring prosperity to Namibia and propel the world towards a climate-neutral economy. We travel to the country’s south-west, where plans are under way for one of the world’s largest hydrogen plants.
Zwei Frauen mit Kopftuch und ein Mann am Handy

Source of togetherness

What can be done when a water-poor country has to provide for more and more people? A trip through northern Jordan in villages that have taken in large numbers of refugees.
Vier Männer auf dem Fahrrad nehmen ein Selfie auf.

Ibagué turns to pedal power

Away from the major metropolitan areas of Latin America, one city in Colombia is leading the way to social and climate-friendly mobility with a free public bicycle share scheme that illustrates how the city is on the right track to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities.
Ein Mann arbeitet mit einem Winkelschleifer

Fire and water

Water management in one of the world’s driest countries has many facets. Ammar Ali Zaid from Jordan works until the sparks fly to prevent precious water from seeping into the desert ground.
Guillermo Pereira

‘For us, waste is valuable’

Three questions for Costa Rican Guillermo Pereira, founder and managing director of Fortech
Illustration of Dr Dessima Williams

‘Sustainability is a lesson of our history’

Grenada is promoting sustainable tourism, in line with SDG 12. Hotel owner and diplomat Dessima Williams explains what this involves.
Frau auf einem Boot

‘My neighbour, the Sundarbans World Heritage Site’

The world’s biggest mangrove forest is situated on the border between Bangladesh and India. We meet the people who live with and earn a livelihood from the Sundarbans UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Water supply: the countries with the biggest water problems worldwide

Water scarcity is increasing across the globe. Conflicts escalate in places where there is a lack of drinking water and sanitary facilities. An overview of global water stress and its causes.
Recyclingrevolution in Jordanien 

How to revolutionise recycling in Jordan

Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment of Jordan, Dr Mohammed Al Khashashneh, on the concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR)
‘A community garden is a microcosm of society’
Monika Egerer explores what a healthy urban climate could look like. akzente asked her about the importance of urban ecosystems in the Global North and South.
GIZ in transition
GIZ has undergone massive changes and evolved beyond recognition since the merger of GTZ, InWEnt and DED in 2011. It has grown in size and become more diverse.