Nachhaltige Infrastruktur

Sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable energy is needed for development, along with access to water and sanitation. These must be reliably available where they are needed – in homes, in agriculture, in manufacturing, and in the services sector. Sustainable mobility and an efficient transport system are the backbone of modern economies.

The signals are on green
Our infographic shows which developments are already sustainable, and where there is an urgent need for a rethink.
‘We cannot go back to the old normal’
Environment Minister Andrea Meza Murillo talks about Costa Rica’s ambitious goals for a green recovery from the pandemic.
Green and fair
Why embracing forms of economic activity that are sustainable and socially equitable fis vital for the international community.
Drawing the right conclusions
Why and how GIZ is working to build a green economic recovery. A column by Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Member of the Management Board at GIZ.
‘Taking a holistic view of climate change and agriculture’
The following interview with GIZ experts Christel Weller-Molongua and Jochen Renger focuses on hunger and nutrition.
Custodians of natural treasures
Algeria is rich in biological diversity. The coastal regions in the north are home to many rare delights.
‘Rethinking mobility – and helping achieve the Paris climate target’
Daniel Ernesto Moser, Management Head of TUMI, explains why towns and cities are at the heart of the transition to sustainable transport.
‘A kit solaire can change a family’s life forever.’
Interview on solar energy with entrepreneur Christian Gbogbo, partner of Energising Development (EnDev) in Benin.
A driving force for a better future
Modern technology could enable farmers in Ethiopia to achieve far higher yields. Young men and women at a training centre are learning how to use agricultural machinery efficiently and how to manage a farm professionally.
‘My work is a social commentary’
Olalekan Jeyifous wants to spark a conversation on urban development.
Projects in brief
The European Union promotes development, peace and democracy around the world. GIZ is implementing a host of projects on its behalf all over the globe. Here is a selection.
‘We want as much electric mobility as possible’
Interview with Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, about the opportunities and challenges of cities in the near future.