Three questions

‘We need more feminine energy’

Three questions for Rashi Gupta, Founder and Managing Director of Vision Mechatronics, a leading company in the fields of robotics, renewable energy and energy storage in India

Illustration: Julian Rentzsch

Why is the support of future female leaders especially important in the energy industry?

Energy is transitioning and will come to a balance when there is more feminine energy. Until now we have seen more masculine energy. Energy has many forms and it’s very important that the women and women leaders focus on the energy that they have within themselves, and which they create for their industry. Women have taken a backseat for a long time and now is the time to become the forerunner to bring peaceful, prosperous and happy energy to make the planet a better place.

Which achievement are you most proud of in your fight for empowerment?

Having a balance is a very important one, an achievement that I can relate to. Work-life balance and gender balance are the achievements which I can highlight in my fight for empowerment. It was a tough task to have a 50% share of men and women in my company and even more challenging to maintain it throughout.

What is the biggest issue you and your partners still have to deal with – and how do you do it?

The biggest issue we face is to onboard more women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and energy sector. Motivating young girls from the grassroots level at schools and motivating parents to allow these young girls to choose energy as a career, STEM as a career option, is very, very difficult. Women are still perceived as belonging in the soft sectors and it is still difficult to change the perception, the mindset and the skillset to bring more women on board right from entry level to leadership.

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