The signals are on green

Our infographic shows which developments are already sustainable, and where there is an urgent need for a rethink.

Please click on the infographic to enlargen it.
Please click on the infographic to enlargen it.

Infografic highlights

published in akzente 3/21

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Greening the economy

Guest column

Porträt von Sri Mulyani Indrawati, eine indonesische Ökonomin. Sie trägt eine Brille mit rundem Gestell und ein dunkles, gemustertes Oberteil. Ihr Haar ist kurz, stilvoll geschnitten und sie lächelt.
Indonesia’s path towards a sustainable future, summarised by Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Green and fair


Why embracing forms of economic activity that are sustainable and socially equitable fis vital for the international community.

Drawing the right conclusions


Why and how GIZ is working to build a green economic recovery. A column by Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Member of the Management Board at GIZ.