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Climate change and the environment

GIZ supports its partners in identifying the causes of environmental and climate risks. It helps modernise policy, advises on regional cooperation, and develops strategies to embed environmental protection and climate action in other policy fields.

The signals are on green
Our infographic shows which developments are already sustainable, and where there is an urgent need for a rethink.
Greening the economy
Indonesia’s path towards a sustainable future, summarised by Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati
‘We cannot go back to the old normal’
Environment Minister Andrea Meza Murillo talks about Costa Rica’s ambitious goals for a green recovery from the pandemic.
Green and fair
Why embracing forms of economic activity that are sustainable and socially equitable fis vital for the international community.
Drawing the right conclusions
Why and how GIZ is working to build a green economic recovery. A column by Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Member of the Management Board at GIZ.
Auf dem Bild ist das Model Barbara Meier zu sehen, die ein schwarzes Oberteil trägt und ein Mikrofon-Headset an hat. Sie scheint aufmerksam auf etwas abseits der Kamera zu blicken, möglicherweise während einer Präsentation oder Diskussion. Der Hintergrund ist in einem ruhigen Blauton gehalten.
‘Germany needs to lead by example’
Model Barbara Meier discusses how fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.
Green is the colour of hope
An excursion to the area surrounding the La Tigra ­Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica illustrates how many ­people are working together in the interests of nature conservation – the private sector is also doing its bit for the green recovery.
Human, animal and environmental health
BMZ State Secretary Dr Maria Flachsbarth explains why we need a holistic approach in order to prevent pandemics.
Das Bild zeigt zwei Verkehrsschilder vor einem blauen Himmel mit einigen Wolken. Das linke Schild ist grün und trägt die Aufschrift CRISIS mit einem Pfeil, der gerade nach oben zeigt. Das rechte Schild ist ebenfalls grün und zeigt die Aufschrift RECOVERY mit einem Pfeil, der nach rechts zeigt.
“The direction of travel is clear”
Exclusive interview with Edward Calthrop, Head of the Climate Policy Unit of the European Investment Bank (EIB).
Confidence on wheels
Remote, but forward-looking: Singra shows how e-mobility can change lives – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The brewery using bush biomass
Windhoek Lager is one of Africa’s most popular beers. Produced in line with Germany’s beer purity law, top quality is just as important as sustainability.
Exploring and protecting
A young Moroccan speleologist is preserving biodiversity in his home country and creating income opportunities. This is the story of somebody with a long-term vision – even in (and especially in) the COVID-19 crisis.