SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Everyone should have access to adequate housing, general basic services and reliable, affordable and sustainable transport systems. To this end, inclusive and sustainable urbanisation should be enhanced.

Überblick über Lüderitz

All eyes on Lüderitz

Green hydrogen is set to bring prosperity to Namibia and propel the world towards a climate-neutral economy. We travel to the country’s south-west, where plans are under way for one of the world’s largest hydrogen plants.
Vier Männer auf dem Fahrrad nehmen ein Selfie auf.

Ibagué turns to pedal power

Away from the major metropolitan areas of Latin America, one city in Colombia is leading the way to social and climate-friendly mobility with a free public bicycle share scheme that illustrates how the city is on the right track to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities.
Ein Dorf rettet seinen Dschungel

A village is saving its jungle

Lao PDR’s tropical forests are a treasure. But they are under threat from slash-and-burn practices. We meet the people protecting the trees.
‘A community garden is a microcosm of society’
Monika Egerer explores what a healthy urban climate could look like. akzente asked her about the importance of urban ecosystems in the Global North and South.
Ghada Krayem
The woman putting solar panels on Gaza rooftops
Ghada Krayem, a Palestinian solar energy technician, is showing how women can advance the energy transition and overcome social barriers in the process.
E-Rikscha in Bangladesch
Confidence on wheels
Remote, but forward-looking: Singra shows how e-mobility can change lives – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Valeria und ihr Bruder Nikita auf dem Weg zur Schule
Through the eyes of a child
Stray dogs, muddy paths and dangerous crossings are just some of the challenges Ukrainian children face on their way to school.
‘Rethinking mobility – and helping achieve the Paris climate target’
Daniel Ernesto Moser, Management Head of TUMI, explains why towns and cities are at the heart of the transition to sustainable transport.
Together against flooding
The Indian city of Bhubaneswar is working to curb flooding and unblock drains.
The future is urban
Cities have a key role to play in efforts to meet climate and development goals. GIZ advises municipalities and supports public involvement in decision-making.
Blessing or curse?
Never before have so many people lived in cities. Facts and figures from the big-city jungle.

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