SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Global challenges can only be overcome through joint action. That is why partnerships are needed at many levels. All countries and stakeholders – public and private – should play their part. Donor countries should make 0.7 per cent of their gross national income available for poorer countries.

Überblick über Lüderitz

All eyes on Lüderitz

Green hydrogen is set to bring prosperity to Namibia and propel the world towards a climate-neutral economy. We travel to the country’s south-west, where plans are under way for one of the world’s largest hydrogen plants.
Ranjula Bali Swain

Simplifying the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals are like a mammoth giant that is collapsing under its own weight. They are too complex and at the same time underfunded.
Aida Al Khattab

Revisiting strong women in Jordan

Five years ago, akzente interviewed women elected to Jordan’s regional councils. Now we’re back in Jordan to visit them again.
James Macbeth Forbes

‘For girls and women, not against men’

James Macbeth Forbes, GIZ Country Director in Uganda, explains why feminist development policy is important for everyone.
Angkor Wat

Saving Angkor’s temples

The awe-inspiring Angkor’s World Heritage Site is famous the world over, but the task of preserving the legacy of the Khmer culture is every bit as overwhelming as the temple complex itself. Germany is supporting Cambodia.
E-Rikscha in Bangladesch
Confidence on wheels
Remote, but forward-looking: Singra shows how e-mobility can change lives – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Valeria und ihr Bruder Nikita auf dem Weg zur Schule
Through the eyes of a child
Stray dogs, muddy paths and dangerous crossings are just some of the challenges Ukrainian children face on their way to school.

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