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Exploring the world’s largest mangrove forest by boat, engaging in discussion with a Sri Lankan agricultural expert, or visiting the teams of experts rescuing Cambodia’s temples: akzente’s reports on Asia provide both analysis at political level and inspiring personal stories.

Ein Dorf rettet seinen Dschungel

A village is saving its jungle

Lao PDR’s tropical forests are a treasure. But they are under threat from slash-and-burn practices. We meet the people protecting the trees.
‘Refugees must be able to speak for themselves’
An interview with Sabah Al Hallak, a Syrian women’s and human rights activist, about her own experience and her involvement in the Action Network on Forced Displacement.
Bright change
GIZ is empowering women entrepreneurs in India. Two women describe their inspiring journey towards self-employment.
Solarzellen bei Sonnenuntergang
Frozen sunlight
Green economic recovery in action: a successful German-Indonesian project illustrates how renewable energy can boost the local economy in fishing villages across the archipelago – with solar-powered ice makers.
Greening the economy
Indonesia’s path towards a sustainable future, summarised by Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati
A well of cooperation
Water is a precious resource in Central Asia. akzente visits Uzbekistan to see how it can be distributed sustainably and fairly – and how this enhances stability in the region in times of climate change.
‘Explaining climate change research so that it makes sense’
An interview with GIZ Programme Manager Caroline Milow about the Green Central Asia initiative
Growing together
A successful mentoring programme in South-East Asia ­illustrates what Business Scouts for Development do.
Confidence on wheels
Remote, but forward-looking: Singra shows how e-mobility can change lives – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
‘Building self-confidence’
An interview that looks at mental health in crisis-affected regions and at the importance of collective care
A glimmer of hope
When the Assad regime in Syria reacted violently to the reform movement inspired by the Arab Spring, hundreds of thousands fled to Jordan. Two inspiring Syrian women share their stories of starting afresh.
Lebanon's youth seek their future
Young women like Mireille El Helou are showing that they believe in change in Lebanon and have the energy to start afresh.