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Rural development

Agricultural and rural development policy are the focus of the advisory services we deliver to our partners. Farmers and associations are involved in decision-making. This is the only way to ensure that poor people in rural areas obtain access to land, water, loans and training.

Welcoming the world
Until recently, Theth was a virtually deserted village in the Albanian Alps. But life has returned with a hiking trail.
Sowing the seeds of success
In Chad, locals and refugees have to get by on very little. With seeds and training, it is hoped that harvests will improve.
Creating jobs with argan oil
Sustainable tourism is empowering Moroccan women and their communities – with GIZ’s support.
Green Miracle
How arid land is becoming fertile again in Chad.
Harvesting in a changing climate
Green Innovation Centres provide farmers with access to knowledge and new technologies.
A brighter future for businesses
A pilot project in the Masai region illustrates how small-scale solar power generation benefits local businesses.
Fighting hunger
On behalf of BMZ, GIZ has supported Rwanda in strengthening its agriculture.
Cow power
In Senegal, students are researching the potential of renewable energies. GIZ is supporting a new study programme.
A fresh start with milk
Farming families in Sri Lanka are rebuilding their country’s dairy industry after years of civil war.
Golden rice
Nigeria still relies on imports to supply the population with rice. Farmers like Hajiya Gambo Auwalu want to change this.
Solution in a nutshell
Cultivation of cashew nuts has improved lives of farmers in Ghana. For a long time their potential remained unexploited.
Milk for Morocco
GIZ in co-creation with Centrale Danone is helping farmers to improve the quality of their milk and to boost their income.