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Rural development

Agricultural and rural development policy are the focus of the advisory services we deliver to our partners. Farmers and associations are involved in decision-making. This is the only way to ensure that poor people in rural areas obtain access to land, water, loans and training.

Green is the colour of hope
An excursion to the area surrounding the La Tigra ­Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica illustrates how many ­people are working together in the interests of nature conservation – the private sector is also doing its bit for the green recovery.
‘Taking a holistic view of climate change and agriculture’
The following interview with GIZ experts Christel Weller-Molongua and Jochen Renger focuses on hunger and nutrition.
‘I want to live my life without fear’
Activist Passy Mubalama campaigns in eastern Congo against extremism and violence and for women’s rights – with the support of the iDove network.
‘I see hope and life right here in my hand’
High-quality seed and better knowledge of modern farming techniques are the key to higher yields – and to improving the lives of farming families. GIZ is supporting farmers in Ethiopia to boost their crops.
‘A kit solaire can change a family’s life forever.’
Interview on solar energy with entrepreneur Christian Gbogbo, partner of Energising Development (EnDev) in Benin.
Solar power system
A solar pump at an agricultural training centre in Benin has made the donkey work of irrigating fields a thing of the past.
Down to the very last village
Assignment in Madagascar: on the road with a team of scientists to inform people about the plague in the highlands of the island republic
Pioneers from the jungle
A project in Ecuador proves that excellent coffee can be produced in harmony with nature.
A promising harvest
Cocoa is an important product in western and central Africa. Together with various partners, GIZ has developed a training programme to help smallholders farm their land sustainably.
On course for a better future
Local authorities in Ukraine can now decide how they spend their money themselves.
Building up hope
Simple ideas are turning around the lives of refugees and local people in northern Iraq following the end of terror in the country.
Learning for life
Youth unemployment in Tunisia is high. A partnership is helping young people to get the training they need.