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Guest articles

akzente presents personal perspectives. Leading national and international experts and observers express their positions and views on pressing global issues in guest articles. GIZ staff report on their experience in Germany and abroad.

Green and fair
Why embracing forms of economic activity that are sustainable and socially equitable fis vital for the international community.
Drawing the right conclusions
Why and how GIZ is working to build a green economic recovery. A column by Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Member of the Management Board at GIZ.
Custodians of natural treasures
Algeria is rich in biological diversity. The coastal regions in the north are home to many rare delights.
Human, animal and environmental health
BMZ State Secretary Dr Maria Flachsbarth explains why we need a holistic approach in order to prevent pandemics.
Learning for the future
South Africa-based education and science writer Megan Lindow explains how education can make societies fit for the challenges ahead.
Learning from the pandemic
Using the crisis in education as an opportunity to rethink and modernise – that is the order of the day, and GIZ’s aim. A column by Michael Holländer.
Food waste vs. hunger
Millions of people are undernourished although tonnes of food are allowed to perish or are thrown away. That is an issue that concerns all of us.
The bigger picture
Investing in good nutrition is one way to leverage sustainable development. Find out more about GIZ’s work in this area.
Fix the system!
The African scientist Jemimah Njuki explains how we could deliver healthy diets for all and why women have an important role to play.
Greetings from Dhaka
Climate change expert Emilia Huss on living and working in Bangladesh
The genie of freedom is out of the bottle
Guest column by Michaela Baur, Director General of GIZ’s Europe, Mediterranean, Central Asia Department.
Towards a green and blue recovery
A guest column by Gabriel Quijandría Acosta, Environment Minister of Peru