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34 akzente 4/15 Basma Abbas explains that her company of- fers social security and good prospects. ‘The mindset of production workers is different to that of graduates from a technical college or university. They have no career plans, even though we aim to provide them with oppor- tunities.’ To workers who want to quit before finding a new job, she says: ‘Why sit around at home? At least apply for a new job while you’re still in full-time employment.’ Preparatory training a complete success It is 8 am and Mahmoud Sobhy has just fin- ished the nightshift. Outside on the street, company buses are dropping workers off at regular intervals at Nasr City Free Zone, which is home to several other companies in addition to Samaya. Sobhy wears a blue polo shirt like the other production assistants. The 22-year-old has been working here since Sep- tember 2014. Before that he had worked at a printer’s, a dairy and in a clothing store. He learned about the job placement scheme at a job fair in his district organised by NEP. In Warraq District, where Sobhy lives, there are many unemployed young people. They sit at home or in the cafes, with no idea Also available on the akzente app: a podcast in which Ibrahim Sabri talks about his search for a job (only in German). Top: How do you apply for a job? What do compa- nies look for? The employment centre provides the answers. Centre: Samaya Electronics Egypt likes to recruit staff from NEP. Conscientious: Mahmoud Sobhy checks electronic components. Bottom: A helper distributes flyers about the employment centres to young people in the streets of Cairo.