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12 akzente 4/15 long-term basis. After all, she has big plans. On the walls hang photos of women in elab- orate wedding dresses – the likes of which will soon be made here. Oihon Tojieva’s business is already a wed- ding dream come true. Situated just a short car ride away in the centre of the small com- munity of Shaartuz, it is in effect an extension of the tailoring business: Tojieva runs a wed- ding dress hire company. She has restored an empty department store for this purpose, us- ing lots of red material and floral decorations. On the first floor, dozens of mannequins in white dresses are arranged in long, straight lines – like rows of débutantes at the Vienna Opera Ball. Since the workshop has not yet started producing dresses, Tojieva imports them from Uzbekistan or Ukraine. The 44-year-old wants to offer her customers a full-service package of dress, make-up and hair. Vanity tables are set up on the ground floor, with mirrors surrounded by illuminated frames, like in a theatre dressing room. Using a twisted thread, one of her seven employees plucks fine hairs from a customer’s cheek. ‘That makes the skin nice and smooth,’ says the boss. Oihon Tojieva, a well built, quietly spo- ken women, is also fairly new to the world of self-employment. She took out a loan and in- vested her entire life savings. Until the busi- Also available in the akzente app: a video of everyday life at Anzhela Sarkisyan’s preschool. Top: Shahlo Burhanova’s workshop is a hive of activity. Production manager Bodomgul Minikulova keeps track of everything. Middle: Oihon Tojieva and her staff offer women everything they need for their wedding – dress, hair and make-up. Bottom: Hard at work and a sweet treat during a break at Anzhela Sarkisyan’s preschool.