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Peace and security

One of our strengths is our ability to combine swift relief with long-term prospects. This is how we build peace and security. In addressing conflicts we support the demobilisation and reintegration of former combatants, and deliver advice on establishing and reforming effective, democratically legitimated institutions with a system of checks and balances.

Greater strength through partnership
‘Together we can achieve more’ is a principle that is especially relevant in international cooperation. Donors are therefore bundling their approaches more and more.
‘We’re ready to go as soon as we can work again.’
An interview with GIZ Country Director in Ethiopia Peter Palesch on working under difficult circumstances.
GIZ in transition
GIZ has undergone massive changes and evolved beyond recognition since the merger of GTZ, InWEnt and DED in 2011. It has grown in size and become more diverse.
‘They were a target for all the armed groups’
Social scientist Mery Rodríguez on the role of people with diverse gender identities or sexual orientations in Colombia’s peace process
Mother Courage
People with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations from Colombia describe their difficult journey towards peace.
A well of cooperation
Water is a precious resource in Central Asia. akzente visits Uzbekistan to see how it can be distributed sustainably and fairly – and how this enhances stability in the region in times of climate change.
‘Explaining climate change research so that it makes sense’
An interview with GIZ Programme Manager Caroline Milow about the Green Central Asia initiative
From homemade yoghurt to dairy director
Over the past 20 years Ymer Berisha has overcome many obstacles to build one of Kosovo’s most successful milk-processing companies.
‘I want to live my life without fear’
Activist Passy Mubalama campaigns in eastern Congo against extremism and violence and for women’s rights – with the support of the iDove network.
A glimmer of hope
When the Assad regime in Syria reacted violently to the reform movement inspired by the Arab Spring, hundreds of thousands fled to Jordan. Two inspiring Syrian women share their stories of starting afresh.
Lebanon's youth seek their future
Young women like Mireille El Helou are showing that they believe in change in Lebanon and have the energy to start afresh.
The genie of freedom is out of the bottle
Guest column by Michaela Baur, Director General of GIZ’s Europe, Mediterranean, Central Asia Department.