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North and Central America

How can successful approaches in the Dominican Republic be transferred to other countries? How does indigenous knowledge contribute to sustainable agriculture? Energy, biodiversity and climate action – these are the issues that akzente addresses in its reports on North and Central America.

‘Helping to build social peace in Mexico’
Maximilian Murck, Manager of the Strengthening the Rule of Law Project in Mexico, on the origins, key findings and next steps of the cooperation.
Tracking down the truth
A Mexican-German team shows how forensic science can help bring certainty for families of missing persons..
Dreams you can touch
As they look for alternatives to migration, young people in El Salvador now receive support with vocational training, finding employment and personal development.
Dancing salsa with a new leg
To enable Cuban orthopaedic technicians to provide modern prostheses for their patients, the German medical technology company Ottobock is supplying the island state with expertise and materials.
Through other eyes
A German-American exchange programme provides professionals with insights into the mentality of their host country.
Diplomacy ­revisited
Creative minds gathered in Montreal with a common goal: to shape the future of global communication.
Electricity from the pig farm
Renewable energy, particularly hydropower, plays a major role in Central America. Now, biogas plants are also generating clean energy.
Protecting the coastal forest
Climate change poses a threat to Costa Rica. The country has an ambitious plan to confront the changes.
Saving electricity, boosting profits
Replacing old refrigerators helps entrepreneurs and enables Mexico to achieve its climate targets.
Power to the people
A hydropower plant supplies electricity to a Nicaraguan village for the first time. It has changed the place for good.