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German international cooperation promotes regional integration in Africa. We advise the African Union, regional economic communities and other institutions. The priority areas are peace and security, good governance, sustainable infrastructure and agriculture.

A school in northern Ugand

Talking about the most natural thing in the world

A school in northern Uganda demonstrates how to break taboos and address the subject of menstruation.
Recyclingrevolution in Jordanien 

How to revolutionise recycling in Jordan

Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment of Jordan, Dr Mohammed Al Khashashneh, on the concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR)
A breath of fresh air for green jobs
The Egyptian German Technical Academy shows how good training and quality education go hand in hand with responsibility for our planet.
UN Climate Change Conference 2022: COP 27 at a glance
The UN Climate Change Conference will begin in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, in early November. akzente answers the most important questions on COP 27.
Edgar Ssensalo
When humans and machines learn
A young IT expert from Uganda on the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers for agriculture
Tradition meets technology
While farmers in Senegal use traditional methods and tools, they also rely on digital tools. A report from the paddy fields.
‘We’re ready to go as soon as we can work again.’
An interview with GIZ Country Director in Ethiopia Peter Palesch on working under difficult circumstances.
Keeping the dialogue going
akzente accompanied Peter Palesch, the experienced GIZ country director in Ethiopia, for one day.
Girl power on a surfboard
Our spotlight on social cohesion is dedicated to the integrative power of sport.
Blueprint for success in phasing out coal
An interview from South Africa's coal-mining region: a new beginning that incorporates fair climate action, the expansion of renewable energy and new job prospects
‘We need more support with vaccinations’
A pilot project in Malawi is showing how refrigerated COVID-19 vaccines can be transported to remote villages. An interview on the challenges and waiting for vaccines.
Every dose counts
Tablets with the emmunize app and a connection to the electronic patient register are improving health care