akzente reports on GIZ’s work. In seven different thematic areas ranging from economic development and employment promotion to environment and energy to strengthening freedom and security, it offers solutions to complex challenges.


Sustainable infrastructure

The digital divide
Exciting facts and figures about digitalisation in our infographics.
Access for everyone
Digitalisation is global. It affects every part of our lives. And yet some people are being left behind. How can digitalisation become a driver of development?
Radiating appeal
Exciting facts and figures about the future of energy in our infographics.

Environment and climate change

Revolution in the desert
How Chile is producing low-cost green electricity with support from Germany and is leading the way in mitigating climate change.
My friend, the tree
How livestock ranchers in Colombia are protecting the rain forest and improving their incomes at the same time.
A paradise for renewables
Chile is powering ahead with transforming its energy system. The country has become a model for its neighbours.

Rural development

Welcoming the world
Until recently, Theth was a virtually deserted village in the Albanian Alps. But life has returned to the village with a hiking trail.
Sowing the seeds of success
In Chad, locals and refugees have to get by on very little. With seeds and training, it is hoped that harvests will improve.
Creating jobs with argan oil
Sustainable tourism is empowering Moroccan women and their communities – with GIZ’s support.

Security, reconstruction and peace

Protecting migrants
Germany and the EU are providing protection for children and adults by improving migration management in the Horn of Africa.
For Peace
Germany is offering support to the people of Mali as they move towards reconciliation and stability.
Starting a new life back home
When Kosovars return, a centre provides support with reintegration. And GIZ is promoting hiking tourism in the country.

Social development

The white gold of Félane
Ice costs a fortune in Senegal. A group of women have banded together to make their own using a solar-powered system.
Programmed for health
Bangladesh’s health system is undergoing a quiet revolution: digitalisation is making work easier for doctors and saving money.
Fighting violence against women
An app and awareness campaigns: How GIZ is preventing violence against women in South America.

Governance and democracy

The powerlessness of users
‘Privacy is a human right that needs defending now more than ever’, writes Constanze Kurz member of Chaos Computer Club.
‘Africa can capture the century’
Kandeh Yumkella has left a high-ranking position at the United Nations in order to push for progress in Sierra Leone.
‘Stop saying nothing has changed!’
Tunisians should be more proud of what they have achieved after the Arab Spring, says Amel Karboul.

Economic development and employment

Much needed temporary jobs
On behalf of BMZ, GIZ has helped partners to create 22,000 temporary jobs in Dohuk Province.
‘A tool for development’
Shradha Sharma is a journalist and the founder of YourStory, the biggest media ­technology platform for start-ups in India.
The stuff that futures are made of
Ethiopia’s textile industry is booming. Growing numbers of people are set to benefit from the new jobs it is creating.