akzente reports on GIZ’s work. In seven different thematic areas ranging from economic development and employment promotion to environment and energy to strengthening freedom and security, it offers solutions to complex challenges.


Sustainable infrastructure

Connecting the other 50 per cent
Kenyan IT researcher and policy analyst Nanjira Sambuli on the current state of digitisation in Africa.
Gathering momentum
A trip through China with Guido Beermann, State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
Making way for startups
akzente gathered insights on the Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative ‘Make-IT in Africa’ featuring the voices of four young African experts and an interview with the Head of the programme.

Environment and climate change

Sustainable Energy
A look back at a project and its results.
Pioneers from the jungle
A project in Ecuador proves that excellent coffee can be produced in harmony with nature.
Global network for solid waste management
Reduce, reuse, recycle – as much and as efficiently as possible. These goals are the focus of GIZ’s work with waste.

Rural development

Down to the very last village
Assignment in Madagascar: on the road with a team of scientists to inform people about the plague in the highlands of the island republic
A promising harvest
Cocoa is an important product in western and central Africa. Together with various partners, GIZ has developed a training programme to help smallholders farm their land sustainably.
On course for a better future
Local authorities in Ukraine can now decide how they spend their money themselves.

Security, reconstruction and peace

Young, female, Afghan, boss
Angiza Ghanizada is the director of a teacher training institute in a north-eastern province in the Hindu Kush. She is the first woman to hold this position.
United for peace
In a fragile country like Mali, greater stability is only possible if foreign, development, security and environmental policies are integrated with one another in the long term.
Helping the helpers
Saving more lives thanks to modern equipment and up-to-date know-how for the fire service, other emergency services and the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Social development

Dreams you can touch
As they look for alternatives to migration, young people in El Salvador now receive support with vocational training, finding employment and personal development.
Nursing the World to Health
To mark the "International Nurses Day", we present compelling facts and figures about the health care system.
‘We can only solve this as a global community’
In the Covid-19 pandemic, the German Epidemic Preparedness Team (SEEG) is more vital than ever. Read an interview about the task force’s work.

Governance and democracy

‘Mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic’
Economist Siegfried Leffler has been Director of the GIZ Representation in Brussels since 2016. He manages GIZ’s cooperation activities with the institutions of the EU, primarily with the European Commission.
‘More democracy - more development’
Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo is a champion of democracy in Uganda. Despite some setbacks, he sees signs of change in the country.
Wanted and threatened
People around the globe yearn for democracy – at least when it offers more than elections. Stefano Palestini explains why the Chilean example is a case in point.

Economic development and employment

"It really paid off"
Verónica Nuñez the 24-year-old product designer from Peru completed a German-style course of dual training.
‘Viet Nam is at a crossroads’
How training based on the German model aims to help the Asian country reach the next level of economic development. An interview with Jürgen Hartwig, Manager of GIZ’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Viet Nam programme.
Learning for the future
Booming Viet Nam reforms TVET taking the German system as an example