akzente reports on GIZ’s work. In seven different thematic areas ranging from economic development and employment promotion to environment and energy to strengthening freedom and security, it offers solutions to complex challenges.


Sustainable infrastructure

Projects in brief
The European Union promotes development, peace and democracy around the world. GIZ is implementing a host of projects on its behalf all over the globe. Here is a selection.
‘We want as much electric mobility as possible’
Interview with Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, about the opportunities and challenges of cities in the near future.
Connecting the other 50 per cent
Kenyan IT researcher and policy analyst Nanjira Sambuli on the current state of digitisation in Africa.

Environment and climate change

Together against flooding
The Indian city of Bhubaneswar is working to curb flooding and unblock drains.
Sustainable Energy
A look back at a project and its results.
Pioneers from the jungle
A project in Ecuador proves that excellent coffee can be produced in harmony with nature.

Rural development

Down to the very last village
Assignment in Madagascar: on the road with a team of scientists to inform people about the plague in the highlands of the island republic
A promising harvest
Cocoa is an important product in western and central Africa. Together with various partners, GIZ has developed a training programme to help smallholders farm their land sustainably.
On course for a better future
Local authorities in Ukraine can now decide how they spend their money themselves.

Security, reconstruction and peace

Open spaces amid a concrete jungle
In the overcrowded settlements of Egypt’s metropolises, there are glimmers of hope – community centres that provide places for young people and families to relax and play sport.
‘Helping to build social peace in Mexico’
Maximilian Murck, Manager of the Strengthening the Rule of Law Project in Mexico, on the origins, key findings and next steps of the cooperation.
Tracking down the truth
A Mexican-German team shows how forensic science can help bring certainty for families of missing persons..

Social development

Europe and Africa: the future of the partnership
One topic, two perspectives – in our new feature section, we ask experts to analyse a topic from their own personal perspective. To kick off, we are looking at the relationship between Africa and Europe.
How our work is delivering results
akzente presents the results achieved through the multi-donor actions of the EU and the German Government in 2019.
A matter of time
Across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic is serving as a wake-up call to improve the coordination of epidemic prevention measures. Cooperation with the ECOWAS region shows how it can be done.

Governance and democracy

Education at the core of EU-Africa Partnership
A guest column by Patrick Awuah, Founder and President of Ashesi University in Ghana
A renewed EU-Africa partnership fit to the global context
A guest column by Sandra Kramer, Director EU-AU relations, West and East Africa (DEVCO.D)
Strong voices for Europe
The economy, security, health and development: we asked experts on Europe for their views on the key topics shaping Germany’s presidency of the EU Council.

Economic development and employment

"It really paid off"
Verónica Nuñez the 24-year-old product designer from Peru completed a German-style course of dual training.
‘Viet Nam is at a crossroads’
How training based on the German model aims to help the Asian country reach the next level of economic development.
Learning for the future
Booming Viet Nam reforms TVET taking the German system as an example