akzente reports on GIZ’s work. In seven different thematic areas ranging from economic development and employment promotion to environment and energy to strengthening freedom and security, it offers solutions to complex challenges.


Sustainable infrastructure

Radiating appeal
Exciting facts and figures about the future of energy in our infographics.
Bright future for India
Green energy that pays for itself: how solar energy is helping power the Delhi Metro and a cricket stadium in Bangalore.
Every drop counts
GIZ is helping local institutions in the Palestinian territories to make better use of what little water there is.

Environment and climate change

Protecting an underwater jewel
The Great Sea Reef off the coast of the islands of Fiji is the third longest coral reef in the world. Already seriously affected by climate change, the Pacific island state is now taking measures to save this unique ecosystem – before it is too late.
A bright future for renewables
"We need strong, predictable, smart policies around the world", writes Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA.
When paradise drowns
For the residents of one village in Fiji, climate change turns their lifes upside down.

Rural development

Cow power
In Senegal, students are researching the potential of renewable energies, while GIZ is supporting a new employment-oriented study programme and a university partnership with Germany. The aim is to build young graduates’ workplace skills.
A fresh start with milk
Farming families in Sri Lanka are rebuilding their country’s dairy industry after years of civil war.
Golden rice
Nigeria still relies on imports to supply the population with rice. Farmers like Hajiya Gambo Auwalu want to change this.

Security, reconstruction and peace

Reconciliation through trade
GIZ is helping to ensure that entrepreneurs from two ethnic groups in Sri Lanka now do business together.
The Bosnian ‘Düren’
Some 20 years ago a settlement was founded for refugees returning home. What has happened to these people since then?
Making a fresh start
After more than 50 years of civil war, Colombia has more internally displaced persons than any other country.

Social development

Some progress, more work ahead
In the past two decades, the world has made major progress in many areas.
A passion to teach
In Afghanistan there is a shortage of well-qualified vocational school teachers. A reform is now improving prospects.
An app to improve safety
Violence against women is a major problem in Latin America. Companies are providing support in order to achieve change.

Governance and democracy

‘Africa can capture the century’
Kandeh Yumkella has left a high-ranking position at the United Nations in order to push for progress in Sierra Leone.
‘Stop saying nothing has changed!’
Tunisians should be more proud of what they have achieved after the Arab Spring, says Amel Karboul.
Diplomacy ­revisited
Creative minds gathered in Montreal with a common goal: to shape the future of global communication.

Economic development and employment

Riches below ground
Afghanistan’s mineral wealth could solve its economic problems. Tomorrow’s experts are being trained in Kabul.
Working towards a dream of happiness
At the Kabarto refugee camp in northern Iraq, Nada Yussuf Kada campaigns for women’s rights and is herself a role model.
Reality check for dreams
Many Albanians want to work in Germany, but only a few are aware of all the conditions they have to meet.