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Graduate Josiane Aboniyo about the Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change), PAUWES

Ruanda ist Absolventin des Panafrikanischen Instituts für Wasser

Josiane Aboniyo is a graduate of the  Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change), PAUWES. Based in Algeria, PAUWES is one of five African institutes of the Pan African University, each with a specific focus. GIZ supported the development and creation of PAUWES.

What did you study at PAUWES?
I already had a Bachelor’s degree from Tanzania in environmental studies and environmental protection, specialising in water. At PAUWES, I took a Master’s in Water Governance. The Institute is the only one in Africa to offer this course. And the topic was exactly what I was looking for. For example, I wanted to learn more about how academic expertise can be translated into policy.

How easy was it to apply – and how was the course?
I was among the second cohort, and there were 1,000 applicants for just 42 places. There are even more applicants now, because PAUWES is becoming better known all the time. I think the fact that I had already lived abroad and had some initial professional experience working for an environmental management agency helped me. Our teachers were experts from around the world. We also completed a number of placements during the two-year course.

And what are you doing now?
One of my placements was with the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome. It went very well, so I applied for a job there. I really hope I get it.

published in akzente 3/18