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South America

Peacebuilding in Colombia, green electricity from Chile, innovative digital projects in Peru: the range of issues we cover in South America is as broad and diverse as the countries that make up the region. akzente also presents interesting individuals who want to drive South America forward.

Disappeared, but not forgotten
In Colombia, more than 80,000 people are believed to be missing. Families want certainty about the fate of their loved ones.
Embracing Peace
Colombia is beginning to come to terms with its violent past. Young people are seeking pathways to a better future. Germany is supporting the peace process.
Improving knowledge
Many young people in Central America are unemployed. At the same time, companies can’t find the skilled workers they need. An initiative brings the two sides together. Four views on a success story from Costa Rica.
Revolution in the desert
How Chile is producing low-cost green electricity and is leading the way in mitigating climate change.
My friend, the tree
How livestock ranchers in Colombia are protecting the rain forest and improving their incomes at the same time.
Fighting violence against women
An app and awareness campaigns: How GIZ is preventing violence against women in South America.
A paradise for renewables
Chile is powering ahead with transforming its energy system. The country has become a model for its neighbours.
Tree sap brings prosperity
The state and local population are co-managers of a conservation area in the Peruvian Amazon.
Making a fresh start
After more than 50 years of civil war, Colombia has more internally displaced persons than any other country.
An app to improve safety
Violence against women is a major problem in Latin America. Companies are providing support in order to achieve change.
Fighting fire with fire
The world’s most species-rich savannah in Brasil is under threat. An innovative project seeks to change this.