akzente provides insight into local engagement. GIZ’s expertise is in demand around the world. Together with its partners, it works in over 130 countries to offer people prospects and improve their living conditions over the long term.

  • Jörg Linke Ittermann
    ‘A big step forward’
    Jörg Linke, Head of GIZ’s Competence Centre for Climate Change, explains in an interview with akzente why the outcome of COP28 in Dubai was better than expected.
  • Colourful building in the snow with people and "COP15" logo
    Biodiversity is becoming more prominent
    Preserving biodiversity, protecting habitats: the agreement reached at the Biodiversity Conference in Montreal in December 2022 is showing results.
  • Andrea Nahles Sonja Och
    ‘It is essential that migration is fair!’
    Interview with Andrea Nahles, Chair of the Executive Board of the German Federal Employment Agency, on skilled migration and the benefits it can have on all sides.
  • Interamerikanischer Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte
    A driving force behind ‘green’ case law
    We visit the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Institute in San José, where human rights, nature and the environment are viewed in a new light.
  • Temperaturansicht der Erde NASA/Scientific Visualization Studio
    UN Climate Change Conference 2023: COP28 in Dubai at a glance
    With the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) set to open in the United Arab Emirates in late November, akzente answers the most important questions about the event.
  • Vanessa Nakate
    ‘We cannot give up’
    Vanessa Nakate, a young woman from Uganda, is a leading voice for climate justice.
  • Omar Alkadamani
    Learning progress
    Omar Alkadamani fled to Germany from Syria as a child. He knows exactly how important the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 ‘Quality education’ is – for him personally and for every country that strives for a better future.
  • Grünes Feld mit dem Schatten einer Windkraftanlage
    Nationally Determined Contributions: who are the frontrunners on climate action?
    Combating climate change requires all countries to pool their efforts by setting individual targets. But who is achieving their goals and to what effect? We take a closer look.
  • Illustration einer Frau mit farbigen Schleifen
    Feminist development policy: clear goals and a clear stance
    BMZ adopted its feminist development policy strategy a few months ago. Annette Mummert explains why this is important and what it means for GIZ’s work.