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What motivates people to dedicate their lives and work to international cooperation? akzente introduces you to trailblazers, key actors and other inspiring individuals whose actions make a difference. 

Growing together
A successful mentoring programme in South-East Asia ­illustrates what Business Scouts for Development do.
Exploring and protecting
A young Moroccan speleologist is preserving biodiversity in his home country and creating income opportunities. This is the story of somebody with a long-term vision – even in (and especially in) the COVID-19 crisis.
Lebanon's youth seek their future
Young women like Mireille El Helou are showing that they believe in change in Lebanon and have the energy to start afresh.
Forging a new path
In Ethiopia, refugees and Ethiopians learn together and put what they have learned into practice. Four people share their story.
Working in 2020
How GIZ colleagues are experiencing working from home.
A new narrative
Aya Chebbi is the African Union’s first ever Special Envoy on Youth. A portrait.
A place for a vital start-up scene
A vibrant start-up scene is emerging in Iraq. The innovation center "The Lab:Suli" helps young talents with networking. With success.
The land of milk and honey
Economically, Georgia is aligning more closely with the European Union (EU). To ensure that small businesses can benefit too, beekeepers are taking steps to make their honey fit for the export trade.
Hidden Champions
There are many individuals and initiatives that have made invaluable contributions in the pursuit of civil rights and liberties. We have put together some