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Infographic Human security

The biggest risks of all
In today’s world, war and weapons are no longer seen as the biggest dangers.

Essay Human Security

Two steps forward, one step back
Essay by US security expert Mathew Burrows about Human security.

Infographic Waste

As far as the eye can see
Waste knows no borders, as a glance at the world’s cities, seas and rivers shows – we are even littering space with our debris.


‘The time to act is now’
Interview with Maria Cristina Fossi, professor of ecology and ecotoxicology and environmentalist

Infographic China

Faster, higher, further
Environmental protection and pollution, extreme poverty and growth – China’s development remains contradictory.

Interview Zheng Han

‘China is hungry for success’
Interview with Zheng Han, Chair of the Sino-German School for Postgraduate Studies at Tongji University in Shanghai

Infographic Women

Room for improvement
Whether in art, science, culture or business, statistics prove that gender equality is still a long way off.

Essay Women

The rise of women
Women have increasingly taken top-level political posts. Malliga Och describes the long road to power.

Essay employment

New ways to tackle the global jobs crisis
World Bank economist David Robalino describes the fight against rising unemployment.


Learning for life
Youth unemployment in Tunisia is high. A partnership is helping young people to get the training they need.

Germany‘s responsibility

Protecting migrants
Germany and the EU are providing protection for children and adults by improving migration management in the Horn of Africa.

Germany‘s responsibility

Germany in the Eyes of the World
For the third time, GIZ has interviewed people across the globe to find out about their perceptions of Germany.


Access for everyone
Digitalisation is global. It affects every part of our lives. And yet some people are being left behind. How can digitalisation become a driver of development?


Programmed for health
Bangladesh’s health system is undergoing a quiet revolution: digitalisation is making work easier for doctors and saving money.