• Report Mali

    In northern Mali, women smallholders are providing good and healthy food. They are enhancing not only their income, but also their standing in the community.
  • In focus food and nutrition

    Investing in good nutrition is one way to leverage sustainable development. GIZ’s work in this area is based on establishing networks and finding digital solutions, with a focus on women and young children.
  • Essay Ernährung

    The African scientist Jemimah Njuki explains how we could deliver healthy diets for all and why women have an important role to play.
  • Infografic food and nutrition

    With the goal of zero hunger at risk, could the pandemic also mark a turning point in our approach to global food security and nutrition?
  • Guest Column

    Millions of people are undernourished although tonnes of food are allowed to perish or are thrown away. That is an issue that concerns all of us.