Woman [wʊmən] means an adult female person. In gender terms, the counterpart of a woman is a man. These terms distinguish between biological gender, social roles or both. 

  • Aida Al Khattab
    Revisiting strong women in Jordan
    Five years ago, akzente interviewed women elected to Jordan’s regional councils. Now we’re back in Jordan to visit them again.
  • James Macbeth Forbes
    ‘For girls and women, not against men’
    James Macbeth Forbes, GIZ Country Director in Uganda, explains why feminist development policy is important for everyone.
  • Sanitation for Million
    ‘Safe menstrual hygiene is linked to educational opportunities’
    Cleophas Mugenyi and Angella Nansubuga from Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports talk about hygiene education, stigmas and the role played by the Sanitation for Millions programme.
  • Breaking new ground together
    They challenge stereotypes and are role models: female members of Jordan’s regional councils in action.
  • ‘Don’t try to be superwomen’
    Interview with Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  • Room for improvement
    Whether in art, science, culture or business, statistics prove that gender equality is still a long way off.
  • The rise of women
    Women have increasingly taken top-level political posts. Malliga Och describes the long road to power.