akzente spotlights political and social developments. Essays by leading authors contribute to current debates, and interviews and comments help broaden horizons. Infographics provide a clear presentation of complex issues.

  • Essay democracy

    People around the globe yearn for democracy – at least when it offers more than elections. Stefano Palestini explains why the Chilean example is a case in point.
  • Infographic democracy

    Opinions, feelings and hypotheses about the state of democracy abound. A look at the world of facts and figures helps to put things in perspective.
  • Interview Democracy

    In democracies, towns and local authorities should be given more powers, says social scientist Shandana Khan Mohmand from the University of Sussex.
  • In focus

    For the first time, Ugandans are helping to reshape their country’s energy policy. Lawyer Claudia Apio takes her message around local villages calling for real change.
  • Background

    In a fragile country like Mali, greater stability is only possible if foreign, development, security and environmental policies are integrated with one another in the long term.
  • Report Human security

    Germany supports police forces in the Palestinian territories to deliver a professional, community-oriented service.
  • Interview Human security

    Interview with Chantal de Jonge Oudraat, President of the network Women In International Security
  • Infographic Human security

    In today’s world, war and weapons are no longer seen as the biggest dangers.
  • Views on China

    Public debate about China is often characterised by superlatives and clichés. akzente asked five experts to present their views.
  • Background

    China’s relationship with Germany and Europe is more important than ever. GIZ is working to strengthen mutual understanding.
  • Infographic China

    Environmental protection and pollution, extreme poverty and growth – China’s development remains contradictory.
  • Interview Zheng Han

    Interview with Zheng Han, Chair of the Sino-German School for Postgraduate Studies at Tongji University in Shanghai