akzente spotlights political and social developments. Essays by leading authors contribute to current debates, and interviews and comments help broaden horizons. Infographics provide a clear presentation of complex issues.

  • Interview

    akzente is transitioning to become a purely online publication. GIZ Press Spokesperson Ute Schaeffer and Jörg Schindler, who was responsible for the magazine in the late 1990s, talk here about akzente as it was and is.
  • Change

    Where GIZ stands after ten years, and why the company must continue to evolve. A contribution by Tanja Gönner, Chair of the Management Board
  • Interview

    Svenja Schulze is new to the German Development Ministry but not to Government. Her priorities are climate, poverty, gender, health and crisis prevention. In an interview, she discusses German development policy in flux.
  • Essay

    Things appear necessary by virtue of their very existence – why change is so difficult. Author and publicist Ilija Trojanow examines inertia and lack of imagination.
  • Report

    Germany is helping to strengthen Lebanon’s public education system so that children of all ages can continue learning even during times of crisis.
  • Infografic Education

    In the years before COVID-19, the global community made great strides in education. Some of that progress is now at risk. We take a closer look.
  • Essay Education

    South Africa-based education and science writer Megan Lindow explains how education can make societies fit for the challenges ahead.
  • Interview Education

    Alice Albright about the significance of learning and why children cannot wait to get back to school.
  • Essay democracy

    People around the globe yearn for democracy – at least when it offers more than elections. Stefano Palestini explains why the Chilean example is a case in point.
  • Infographic democracy

    Opinions, feelings and hypotheses about the state of democracy abound. A look at the world of facts and figures helps to put things in perspective.
  • Interview Democracy

    In democracies, towns and local authorities should be given more powers, says social scientist Shandana Khan Mohmand from the University of Sussex.
  • In focus

    For the first time, Ugandans are helping to reshape their country’s energy policy. Lawyer Claudia Apio takes her message around local villages calling for real change.
  • Views on China

    Public debate about China is often characterised by superlatives and clichés. akzente asked five experts to present their views.
  • Background

    China’s relationship with Germany and Europe is more important than ever. GIZ is working to strengthen mutual understanding.
  • Infographic China

    Environmental protection and pollution, extreme poverty and growth – China’s development remains contradictory.
  • Interview Zheng Han

    Interview with Zheng Han, Chair of the Sino-German School for Postgraduate Studies at Tongji University in Shanghai