Persevering. Stability and development in North Africa and the Middle East

Ten years after the beginning of the Arab Spring, akzente provides facts, figures, opinions, reports, background information and analyses from and about North Africa and the Middle East.

Arabischer Frühling

In early 2011, a wave of protests began in Tunisia which quickly spread and became known as the Arab Spring. ‘Bread! Freedom! Social justice!’ chanted the demonstrators in Egypt and many other countries in the region, expressing their discontent with political and socio-economic ills. Ten years later, we look back to the future.

Current Topics

When the Assad regime in Syria reacted violently to the reform movement inspired by the Arab Spring, hundreds of thousands fled to Jordan. Two inspiring Syrian women share their stories of starting afresh.

‘Building self-confidence’
An interview that looks at mental health in crisis-affected regions and at the importance of collective care
Lebanon's youth seek their future
Young women like Mireille El Helou are showing that they believe in change in Lebanon and have the energy to start afresh.
‘Suddenly, we felt we could speak freely’
Interview with Amel Saidane, President of Tunisian StartUps, on how digital transformation presents opportunities for Tunisia.
The genie of freedom is out of the bottle
Guest column by Michaela Baur, Director General of GIZ’s Europe, Mediterranean, Central Asia Department.

Reports from the region

Breaking new ground together
They challenge stereotypes and are role models: female members of Jordan’s regional councils in action.
Self-employed, not unemployed
On the West Bank, where jobs are scarce, vocational schools are helping young adults to find success on the labour market.
A fresh start
To help more people into work, GIZ has teamed up with its partners in Lebanon to offer a series of intensive training courses.
Iraq’s digital innovators
A new generation of young Iraqi entrepreneurs are confronting the country’s challenges, even during the coronavirus pandemic.
Dreams and uncertainty
There are high expectations of the young generation.
Creating jobs with argan oil
Sustainable tourism is empowering Moroccan women and their communities – with GIZ’s support.