Persevering. Stability and development in North Africa and the Middle East

Ten years after the beginning of the Arab Spring, akzente provides facts, figures, opinions, reports, background information and analyses from and about North Africa and the Middle East.

Arabischer Frühling

In early 2011, a wave of protests began in Tunisia which quickly spread and became known as the Arab Spring. ‘Bread! Freedom! Social justice!’ chanted the demonstrators in Egypt and many other countries in the region, expressing their discontent with political and socio-economic ills. Ten years later, we look back to the future.

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ARAB SPRING | Guest Column

To draw sweeping conclusions about the Arab Spring is to miss the big picture. There have been numerous setbacks, but one thing has definitely changed: how people see things. The younger generation in particular are calling for greater participation. On behalf of the German Federal Government, GIZ supports countries in their process of peaceful transition. Guest column by Michaela Baur, Director General of GIZ’s Europe, Mediterranean, Central Asia Department.

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To help more people into work, GIZ has teamed up with its partners in Lebanon to offer a series of intensive training courses.