‘A wonderfully dynamic feel’

German energy expert Frank Schillig has been supporting IFMEREE, a renewable energy and energy efficiency training centre.

Frank Schilling

What is your role within IFMEREE?
My company is advising IFMEREE and GIZ. We have delivered in-service training for vocational trainers in the areas of biogas and energy efficiency in industry, and have helped build a biogas laboratory. A particular priority for me has been to support the quality of training and to help IFMEREE – which is superbly equipped – to become a service provider. This will drive development of renewable energy in the region and further expand the market for renewables and energy efficiency in Morocco.

What is your professional background?
I am an energy and process engineering specialist and have been working in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy for over 20 years. Part of my job involves my company providing advice to industrial, commercial and trade companies. I also develop projects and oversee construction of plants from initial design to operation, so I am very keen that training takes a practical approach.

So how did you train the trainers?
We ran some intensive workshops. Each week-long workshop provided training in theory and on best practices in a particular area. Lectures were interactive and were accompanied by practical exercises and work in the laboratory or workshop.

As part of your work, you have seen a lot of projects and institutions around the world. What make IFMEREE special?
What makes it special is that the Oujda campus is bringing together all forms of renewable energy and providing practical teaching across the board. IFMEREE has superb premises and grounds, and the trainers are fairly young, which gives the whole place a wonderful energy and dynamic feel.

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