Energy expert in Ukraine

Architect Christiana Hageneder manages energy efficiency projects and advises the national government.

Christiana Hageneder (Photo: Alexey Furman)
Christiana Hageneder (Photo: Alexey Furman)

Working in Ukraine enables Christiana Hageneder to combine two of her passions: energy efficiency and Eastern Europe. While still a student, she studied Russian in her spare time, a commitment that is now proving invaluable. Hageneder joined GIZ in Kiev in 2012, having previously worked for an Austrian think-tank. She manages energy efficiency projects for the company. As Hageneder, who qualified initially as an architect and then completed a further university degree in building operations and energy management, says, ‘It takes very little time to build a house, but planners and architects often forget that the house will be there for decades.’

Energy-efficient new builds

Her work therefore takes in not only renovation projects but also new builds, which are designed from the outset to be energy-efficient. Energy efficiency is crucial in Ukraine, where consumers have faced increases in their energy bills of up to 200 per cent since 2013. A vital part of Hageneder’s work is providing support to national and municipal authorities. Since 2014, Ukraine has had an association agreement with the European Union, and Hageneder advises the Government on adapting local ­legislation to comply with EU Directives. She supports local mayors by training energy managers in techniques for continually auditing and improving the energy consumption of municipal buildings, such as schools and hospitals.

published in akzente 3/16

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