akzente provides insight into local engagement. GIZ’s expertise is in demand around the world. Together with its partners, it works in over 130 countries to offer people prospects and improve their living conditions over the long term.

  • Zwei Frauen laufen am Strand Pierre-Ives Babelon/
    Voices of and for women
    Women journalists in Iraq speak candidly about what life is like for women in the country.
  • Viehherde wird getrieben
    Methane, the underestimated danger
    The focus of the climate change debate is shifting more towards the role of methane. Despite causing greater damage to the environment than carbon dioxide, the gas offers considerable potential in terms of emissions savings. As a ‘methane champion’, Germany is looking to lead by example.
  • Zwei Frauen mit Kopftuch und ein Mann am Handy
    Source of togetherness
    What can be done when a water-poor country has to provide for more and more people? A trip through northern Jordan in villages that have taken in large numbers of refugees.
  • Martin Hansen
    ‘An amazing change’
    Indonesia is one of the most stable countries in Asia. GIZ Country Director Martin Hansen explains the reasons for this stability and why the company continues to operate there.
  • Ein Mann arbeitet mit einem Winkelschleifer
    Fire and water
    Water management in one of the world’s driest countries has many facets. Ammar Ali Zaid from Jordan works until the sparks fly to prevent precious water from seeping into the desert ground.
  • Illustration von Silhouetten
    Surviving modern slavery
    Women migrant workers in Lebanon are coping with oppression and abuse by prioritising their mental health with the support of peer advocates trained by GIZ.
  • Einer Ranger späht durch das Fernglas
    Custodians of the Sundarbans
    In the world’s biggest mangrove forest, Bangladesh Forest Department rangers are focusing on preserving biodiversity. Digital tools are helping them to protect this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Germany is supporting the country in this work.
  • Aida Al Khattab
    Revisiting strong women in Jordan
    Five years ago, akzente interviewed women elected to Jordan’s regional councils. Now we’re back in Jordan to visit them again.
  • Frau auf einem Boot
    ‘My neighbour, the Sundarbans World Heritage Site’
    The world’s biggest mangrove forest is situated on the border between Bangladesh and India. We meet the people who live with and earn a livelihood from the Sundarbans UNESCO World Heritage Site.