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‘I believe that cooperation is the recipe for genuine success.’

Stoyanka Stich, cluster coordinator Energy and Climate Change in GIZ’s Pakistan country office

Stoyanka Stich‘I took over as coordinator of the Energy and Climate Change cluster in August 2021. Here I head a number of different teams that consist of national staff, field staff like myself and counterparts at GIZ Head Office in Germany. The national colleagues are key for the overall implementation of projects. They bridge the gap between us and our partner organisations and open the door for us to Pakistani culture and society. We work hand in hand, with an appreciation of the skills and perspectives that the other side brings. Furthermore, we are each convinced of the value that the other brings to development cooperation. I have worked for GIZ for more than twelve years now, and have held different posts in various regions, including South-East Asia, Mongolia and China. I believe that cooperation is the recipe for genuine success. To breathe life into this cooperation, a safe psychological environment is needed that fosters open discussion and a culture of learning from our mistakes. It’s not enough simply to employ talented individuals. They also need to be able to work together to achieve common goals. In lots of companies, people hold back, reluctant to speak out or do anything for fear of seeming stupid. That is why we, like our colleague Zubair Kamal, need to put in place safe spaces. Hard work and teamwork are effective where people feel that they are really well looked after. GIZ Pakistan is working on solutions that will help to create a working atmosphere that minimises fears and maximises collective learning. In this way, everyone can contribute and feel appreciated, irrespective of their gender, age or nationality.’

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