Waste [weɪst] is the collective term for objects, materials, leftovers and remnants that somebody wants to get rid of. The term ‘rubbish’ is often used to mean the same thing. The German Circular Economy Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz) distinguishes between waste to be recycled and waste to be disposed of (i.e. that cannot be recycled).

  • Global network for solid waste management
    Reduce, reuse, recycle – as much and as efficiently as possible. These goals are the focus of GIZ’s work with waste.
  • Throwaway lifestyles
    Humans seem to be drowning in their own waste. Essay by environmental journalist Joachim Wille
  • As far as the eye can see
    Waste knows no borders, as a glance at the world’s cities, seas and rivers shows – we are even littering space with our debris.
  • ‘The time to act is now’
    Interview with Maria Cristina Fossi, professor of ecology and ecotoxicology and environmentalist
  • Kick-off at the scrapyard
    Thousands of people work at the Agbogbloshie e-waste dump in Ghana’s capital, Accra. There, recycling is now being rethought.