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Exploring the world’s largest mangrove forest by boat, engaging in discussion with a Sri Lankan agricultural expert, or visiting the teams of experts rescuing Cambodia’s temples: akzente’s reports on Asia provide both analysis at political level and inspiring personal stories.

Work at last
In Pakistan technical and vocational education and training (TVET) increasingly includes a practical element.
A new life
Like many others, Nazrin Iljaz and her children found refuge from war and terror in northern Iraq.
Tolerance – the jordanian way
Minister of Culture Lana Mamkegh
The right to freedom
Paralegals support thousands of citizens who have been imprisoned without charge or trial in Bangladesh.
The new farmers of Bangalore
Soils can be replenished, yields can be increased without the use of chemicals. Indian farmers show how it’s done.
Pioneers with prospects
There is a shortage of geriatric nurses in Germany. In Viet Nam many young people cannot find work.
Occupational health and safety
Mongolian representatives travelled to Oslo and Berlin to find out how to make jobs safer and healthier.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Many people lack the courage and money to start their own business. A new entrepreneurial spirit is now emerging.
Sharing knowledge in Thailand
Brought together by a volunteer programme, financial experts from Deutsche Bank are supporting rice farmers.
Back on solid ground
The collapse of the Rana Plaza building changed everything. Victims explain how they set about building a new life.
Sweet Vocation
The story of a confectionary worker shows how GIZ improves young people’s prospects in the Palestinian territories.