GIZ for Europe

GIZ supported the German Government in a number of different ways in implementing its priorities during the Presidency. It fed its expertise into a range of ministries in Germany but also to the European Commission in Brussels, and over the six months of the Presidency it ran many different specialised events in relevant areas.

As a German federal enterprise, however, GIZ is continuously working on fulfilling the political principles and international obligations of the EU and of Germany. It works around the world both with and on behalf of the EU in numerous thematic areas and supports it on behalf of the German Government in fields ranging from technical advisory services to practical project implementation. It is active in areas including ‘green’ energy, environmental protection, climate change, economic development and employment, sustainable agriculture, displacement, peace, human rights, and the partnership with Africa. And in future, alongside particular involvement in climate change and energy (the ‘Green Deal’), it will also focus on the increasingly important topic of the circular economy, which the EU is keen to promote both in its own Member States and in partner countries around the world.