GIZ voices

Far away – and yet so near

They are working for GIZ in Lebanon, Pakistan and Ghana: three women and three men share what motivates them every day and tell us their recepies for success.


Brigitte Spitz
Tim Wegner, Saiyna Bashir and Nicholas Seun Adatsi

Diversity is more than just a buzzword at GIZ: almost 24,000 staff members of 155 different nationalities are working hard to achieve results in 120 countries. Here we introduce six of them who hold very different posts, but all ensure that our work bears fruit.

Stephanie Dehnz‘The children’s joy is a huge motivation for me in my work.’

STEPHANIE DEHNZ (30), traveller working for the Sustainable Facility Management in Public Schools in Lebanon (SUFA) project   MORE

Ismael Nouns‘Our traveller is the trump card in our project.’

ISMAEL NOUNS (40), field staff member and manager of the SUFA Project in Lebanon   MORE

Stoyanka Stich‘I believe that cooperation is the recipe for genuine success.’

STOYANKA STICH, cluster coordinator Energy and Climate Change in GIZ’s Pakistan country office   MORE

Zubair Kamal‘No matter who you are, GIZ offers the opportunity to take on a senior position.’

ZUBAIR KAMAL (52), senior administration and finance officer in the FATA development programme and Chairperson of the National Staff Council, GIZ Pakistan   MORE

Nana King‘Without gender equality, you lose half of the community.’

NANA KING, development worker at GovID and gender focal point at national level in Ghana   MORE

Alf Bremer‘For me it’s important to be passionate about what you do and to have fun.’

ALF BREMER (52), component manager in the Governance for Inclusive Development programme (GovID) in Ghana   MORE