Germany’s international cooperation promotes political and economic integration at the regional level in Africa. GIZ provides advisory services to the African Union, regional economic communities and others. The focus is on peace and security, good governance, infrastructure, promotion of agriculture.

  • Zwei Frauen stehen an einer Tiefkühltrauhe, eine hält einen Milchbehälter in der Hand Huda Hassan
    The wonder of refrigeration
    The amazing story of a successful dairywoman, helpful cooling and an enthusiastic community. Out and about in the Somaliland region.
  • Boubaker Siala
    ‘Our solar transporter will create new jobs’
    Three questions for Boubaker Siala, founder and Managing Director of Bako Motors, Tunisia’s first manufacturer of solar vehicles
  • Susan Chomba private
    ‘We have it in our hands’
    Susan Chomba is the Director of Vital Landscapes at the World Resources Institute. In this interview she explains why she is reticent about attending COP28 and why we should all keep hope alive.
  • Überblick über Lüderitz
    All eyes on Lüderitz
    Green hydrogen is set to bring prosperity to Namibia and propel the world towards a climate-neutral economy. We travel to the country’s south-west, where plans are under way for one of the world’s largest hydrogen plants.
  • Viehherde wird getrieben
    Methane, the underestimated danger
    The focus of the climate change debate is shifting more towards the role of methane. Despite causing greater damage to the environment than carbon dioxide, the gas offers considerable potential in terms of emissions savings. As a ‘methane champion’, Germany is looking to lead by example.
  • Frau mit religiöser Kopfbedeckung steht im Maisfeld
    Where maize and sorghum grass grow
    Conditions in the Horn of Africa are harsh. We visited the Somaliland region to see how people in this disaster-struck area can be best supported.
  • Frauen mit Kanistern
    ‘Working hand in hand’
    Somaliland in the Horn of Africa is a very fragile area. Project Manager Carola von Morstein explains why an integrated approach is the only way to tackle the challenges here.
  • Man hält zwei Platinen in der Hand
    Taking recycling to another level
    Sustainable recycling in Lagos: a pilot project in Nigeria is protecting e-waste workers and supporting the African recycling industry.
  • Elektroschrott wird sortiert
    ‘Recycling is also a question of social justice’
    The Institute for Applied Ecology in Freiburg has been supporting a project on e-waste. Expert Andreas Manhart talks to Katrin Gänsler about insights, financing and responsibility.