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Starting a new life back home
When Kosovars return from Germany, a centre is available to provide support with reintegration. Assistance is offered not just in the capital Priština. GIZ is promoting hiking tourism in the country’s mountainous regions.
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Training for the energy transition
Morocco aims to increase the share of renewable energy. A new institute is providing the training fpr experts.
A paradise for renewables
Chile is powering ahead with transforming its energy system. The country has become a model for its Latin American neighbours.
Cow power
In Senegal, students are researching the potential of renewable energies. GIZ is supporting a new study programme.
Protecting an underwater jewel
Already seriously affected by climate change, Fiji is now taking measures to save the Great Sea Reef.

Information and background

  • When paradise drowns

    For the residents of one village in Fiji, climate change turns their lifes upside down.

  • Bright future for India

    Green energy that pays for itself: how solar energy is helping power the Delhi Metro and a cricket stadium in Bangalore.

  • Reconciliation through trade

    GIZ is helping to ensure that entrepreneurs from two ethnic groups in Sri Lanka now do business together.

  • Precious water, new opportunities

    Syrian refugees in Jordan are learning to be plumbers. The training is also helping the country to solve its water problem.

  • Clean energy for Chile

    Solar and wind energy are an integral part of the electricity sector. Looking back at a project and its impact.

  • Work and dignity

    When women have work, they can invest in the next generation, says lawyer Ela Bhatt from India.


Clean Energy
A bright future for renewables
"We need strong, predictable, smart policies around the world", writes Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA.
Radiating appeal
Exciting facts and figures about the future of energy in our infographics.
“Unprecedented Support”
Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework on Climate Change, about the Climate Agreement.
A rising star
Renewable energy is currently experiencing a major boom. However, a series of challenges stills stands in the way of a global energy transition.

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Facts and figures

  • It is a sad reality that more than 85 countries have fewer than one physician per 1,000 inhabitants.

  • G20 Leaders’ Declaration issued at the close of the G20 summit in Hamburg on 8 July 2017 

  • of all food is wasted or spoiled. Not when it reaches the consumer, but before it ever leaves the producer – in storage, for instance. 

  • trillion passenger kilometres are expected to be accounted for by global passenger transportation in 2030.

  • Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel at a press conference in Berlin in November 2016

  • of women have experienced physical or sexual violence in a relationship, making these some of the most widespread human rights violations.

  • G20 Leaders’ Communiqué, Hangzhou Summit, September 2016

  • people could be in full-time employment in the maritime industry by 2030. This industry currently employs more than 31 million people.

  • Women face discrimination also after their working lives. Proportion of women and men of retirement who receive a pension.

Eating with bamboo