„Flexibility is the key.“

GIZ-programme manager Georg Fritzenwenger explains the training and literacy programme for the Afgan police.

Georg Fritzenwenger, manager of the training and literacy programme  for the Afghan police

Georg Fritzenwenger, Manager of the training and literacy programme for the Afghan police

Mr Fritzenwenger, what has the literacy programme achieved so far?
It is the only GIZ programme to be active in all 34 Afghan provinces. On completion, graduates receive an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Education that is equivalent to year five of school. The increase in confidence and professionalism is another critical factor.

How does coordination work when the programme has such a wide reach?
The flexibility and accessibility of literacy courses is key. The police officers take part in the classes directly at their workplace during working hours. This saves time and resources. Courses are currently being held at 2,400 police stations and also at road checkpoints in rural areas. When there is a demand for courses, the regional coordinator contacts GIZ. Once a classroom has been found, we immediately supply furniture and teaching materials.

What challenges do you face?
In unstable regions in particular, where the police have to perform military tasks, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that you are there to serve the public and ensure safety and security. That is why participants on our courses develop better awareness. In the long term, we hope to have a positive effect on the stability of the country.

published in akzente 1/19