akzente provides insight into local engagement. GIZ’s expertise is in demand around the world. Together with its partners, it works in over 130 countries to offer people prospects and improve their living conditions over the long term.



‘More democracy - more development’
Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo is a champion of democracy in Uganda. Despite some setbacks, he sees signs of change in the country.
Down to the very last village
Assignment in Madagascar: on the road with a team of scientists to inform people about the plague in the highlands of the island republic
Learning democracy
For the first time, Ugandans are helping to reshape their country’s energy policy. Lawyer Claudia Apio takes her message around local villages calling for real change.


Iraq’s digital innovators
A new generation of young Iraqi entrepreneurs are confronting the country’s challenges, even during the coronavirus pandemic.
Young, female, Afghan, boss
Angiza Ghanizada is the director of a teacher training institute in a north-eastern province in the Hindu Kush. She is the first woman to hold this position.
Pearls of knowledge
Education is a weapon against extremism. Teachers are busy learning about modern teaching methods to make lessons more appealing for Afghan children.


‘Mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic’
Economist Siegfried Leffler has been Director of the GIZ Representation in Brussels since 2016. He manages GIZ’s cooperation activities with the institutions of the EU, primarily with the European Commission.
The land of milk and honey
Economically, Georgia is aligning more closely with the European Union (EU). To ensure that small businesses can benefit too, beekeepers are taking steps to make their honey fit for the export trade.
Fashion made in Georgia
Fashion from Georgia is being celebrated on the catwalk. However, if the industry is to establish itself on the European market, it needs not just creativity, but above all new expertise.

North and Central America

Sustainable Energy
A look back at a project and its results.
Dancing salsa with a new leg
To enable Cuban orthopaedic technicians to provide modern prostheses for their patients, the German medical technology company Ottobock is supplying the island state with expertise and materials.
Through other eyes
A German-American exchange programme provides professionals with insights into the mentality of their host country.

South America

Pioneers from the jungle
A project in Ecuador proves that excellent coffee can be produced in harmony with nature.
Disappeared, but not forgotten
In Colombia, more than 80,000 people are believed to be missing. Families want certainty about the fate of their loved ones.
Embracing Peace
Colombia is beginning to come to terms with its violent past. Young people are seeking pathways to a better future. Germany is supporting the peace process.


Our job: to promote decent work
GIZ promotes employment around the world – often delivering rapid results.
Through other eyes
A German-American exchange programme provides professionals with insights into the mentality of their host country.
Identifying scope for action
The world calls on our country to accept greater international responsibility. What does that mean for GIZ?


Nursing the World to Health
To mark the "International Nurses Day", we present compelling facts and figures about the health care system.
‘We can only solve this as a global community’
In the Covid-19 pandemic, the German Epidemic Preparedness Team (SEEG) is more vital than ever. Read an interview about the task force’s work.
‘It’s not just wrong, it’s stupid’
Interview with Chantal de Jonge Oudraat, President of the network Women In International Security