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Remote, but forward-looking: Singra shows how e-mobility can change lives – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more Confidence on wheels

Windhoek Lager, brewed in Namibia’s capital Windhoek, is one of Africa’s most popular beers. Produced in line with Germany’s beer purity law, top quality is just as important as sustainability. Read more The brewery using bush biomass

Stray dogs, muddy paths and dangerous crossings are just some of the challenges Ukrainian children face on their way to school. Now those living in the city of Zhytomyr have a safer journey – and the entire community is thinking about mobility. Read more Through the eyes of a child

When the Assad regime in Syria reacted violently to the reform movement inspired by the Arab Spring, hundreds of thousands fled to Jordan. Two inspiring Syrian women share their stories of starting afresh. Read more A glimmer of hope

High-quality seed and better knowledge of modern farming techniques are the key to higher yields – and to improving the lives of farming families. GIZ is supporting farmers in Ethiopia to boost their crops. Read more ‘I see hope and life right here in my hand’

Modern technology could enable farmers in Ethiopia to achieve far higher yields. Young men and women at a training centre are learning how to use agricultural machinery efficiently and how to manage a farm professionally. Read more A driving force for a better future

As they look for alternatives to migration, young people in El Salvador now receive support with vocational training, finding employment and personal development. Read more Dreams you can touch

Fashion from Georgia is being celebrated on the catwalk. However, if the industry is to establish itself on the European market, it needs not just creativity, but above all new expertise. Read more Fashion made in Georgia

In eastern Ukraine, specially trained dogs are helping to treat disabled children and those traumatised by conflict. Elena Lakhno, owner of the therapy dog Hillary, talks about her work. Find out more: Four legged therapist

The health care system in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is being given a new lease of life. The impoverished province of South Kivu shows how this might look. Insights from a hospital and a medical centre full of mothers and babies. Find out more Healty future